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A mouse pad isn’t a necessity but experts still recommend that you use a mouse pad. During those first few years the mouse was popular, think back to your first computer when trackball mouse, a mouse pad was a necessity if you wanted your mouse to function properly. The rollerball needed a soft, non-slip surface in order to move your mouse easily and with precision. Mouse pads today come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and now you can even purchase a wireless mouse charging pad.

At Wood Arts Universe, you have the option of customizing your mouse pad and other promotional products, including your company logo. Having your company logo on your mouse pad and other promotional products is a cheap way to extend your marketing efforts. Plus, it makes your property easy to identify.

A wireless mouse charging pad can be used by anyone who has an Android device with the latest generation and iPhone 8 and up. To determine if your model of phone is capable of wireless charging, search your device name &  wireless charging. For example, search for Samsung Galaxy S10 wireless charging. This search should pull up the specifications for your phone and tell you if wireless charging is supported. The wireless mouse charging pad supports QI-charging. A phone with a thick case like the otter box may interfere with wireless charging. Try removing the case to determine if this is the case. 

The mouse pad has a smooth finish and it is large enough to comfortably work at your desk or workstation. It is super thin and has dust-proater proof properties. To use the wireless charging capabilities, simply place your phone on the charging pad. Your phone simply sits on the non-slip base and depending on the wireless mouse charging pad that you pick out for your employees, some have a built-in stand. A built-stand can make it easier to view your phone.

What are the major benefits of purchasing a wireless mouse charging pad for your employees? 

Prevents Excessive Wear and Tear on Mice

Mice now function, using a laser or optical, without the need to touch the surface of your desk or mouse pad. But mice today are still equipped with rubber feet on the underneath side of the mouse that are intended to help your mouse move freely.  A mouse that has difficulty moving smoothly can reduce workflow and productivity.  If you notice your mouse not moving freely, check the rubber feet for wear and tear. It is time to replace a mouse when the rubber feet are at the same level as your mouse. Using a mouse on a hard surface can cause the rubber feet to stick and wear out quickly. The best way to reduce wear and tear is to use a wireless mouse charging pad.

Protect Expensive Office Equipment

Office equipment is a huge investment and companies expect their employees to take care of it. Besides basic wear and tear or water damage, individuals who didn’t use a mouse pad on their desk, often exhibit signs of excessive wear in the spot that the mouse is located. Buying your employees a wireless mouse charging pad can help protect your investment from excessive wear and keep desks in good condition. 

Reduce Excessive Cables
Excessive cables can make your office look cluttered and unorganized. The best way to help reduce excessive cables is to switch to a  wireless mouse and use a wireless mouse charging pad for charging devices during the day. By providing a wireless mouse charging pad, your employees no longer have to keep additional cables on their desks or plug a USB cable into the company computer. 

Stop Network Security Risks Before They Happen 

When a smartphone is using the USB port to charge their phone, you are potentially opening your network up to additional security vulnerabilities, including viruses, malware, and other malicious software. Supplying a wireless mouse charging pad will also help reduce security threats and keep your employees happy. Swap out all the old mouse pads for a new wireless mouse charging pad. A wireless charging pad is simple to use and most smart phones are equipped for wireless charging.

A mouse pad isn’t always necessary with today’s technology. However, since many employees tend to multitask using both their computer and phone to engage while on the clock. Employees need a safe, alternative way to charge their device without cables or posing security risks to the company. The wireless mouse charging pad is the perfect solution. 

Don’t forget to add your custom logo or design. Wood Arts Universe can print your logo using screen printing or Deboss. This item would be a perfect gift to give to an executive, accountants, attorneys, and doctors. Order your company these new wireless charging pads today in leather or leatherette.

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