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Time goes by quickly as we age and soon our children are getting married and having children of their own. Special unforgettable moments in time need to be remembered and savored. The older we seem to get the quicker the years seem to go by, which is why it’s important to save your memories. So that when you’re old and grey you can look back on your life’s achievements and reminisce about the good old days!

Picture frames are a perfect way on enclosing your special moments that you have spent with your loved ones. Photo’s always remind you of the beautiful moments that you have spent with your beloved, your family and friends. However every person has a different taste therefore the choice of frames can be different but the purpose remains the same. There are different types of frames available in the market but Leather picture frames are the best. Before choosing any frame you should keep certain things in mind like; quality, price, it fulfills your motive or not and does it compliments your home decor or it will look awkward. The right quality of picture frame enhances the beauty of the photo and makes it more attractive and beautiful. The major part that frame does is the protection of the photograph from any external damage which may destroy it forever.

Personalized picture frames can be a perfect gift if you are planning to give your dear ones. A nice enclosure of your love and affection in a beautiful picture frame is precious than any other expensive gift in the world. Giving a treasured photo to someone is always a special gesture. Presenting it in a personalized picture frame engraved with your special message turns it into a small treasure that will evoke special memories every time the person looks at it. And it will inspire no end of conversation among friends, family, and loved-ones when they see it.

You can find personalized picture frames for a wide variety of special occasions. Personalized frames are the perfect way to display memories of birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries or any other special occasion.

With personalized photo frames you have two options – you can have your photo frame engraved or you can create a personalized frame with handwritten messages, notes and signatures.

The most common type of engraving on frames are dates and names, but you can also have a unique message engraved.

We customize each frame with any name along the bottom, creating a unique and treasured keepsake to enjoy through the years. Leather picture frames can be personalized for an additional charge. Email us at orders@woodartsuniverse.com for a free quote! Personalized items may not be returned!

The Leather picture frame is the perfect showcase for your favorite photo. It is available in Top Grain Leather, Leatherette etc.. , A heartwarming gift certain to be treasured for a lifetime. . This fabulous picture frame instantly transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary!

Please visit our website www.woodartsuniverse.com, you can choose appropriate picture frame from this site and let us know your requirement for personalization.

169 thoughts on “Picture Frame

  1. These are all pretty nice designs and concepts. I love everything that has leather aesthetics. The red one is my favorite.

  2. I really love the red, it is a strong color that has an impact. Leather is an elegant material, this frame would definitely suit a manager’s office.

  3. I like bigger frames for the paintings I’ve acquired during the recent art fairs. Wood frames are better.

  4. I love the chocolate brown frame, I think it will go well with the rest of my furniture. Always looking for beautiful frames to display my pictures!

  5. I love beautiful photo frames as they are great to highlight the pictures that I want to display. It is good that we can personalize the frame and make it unique.

  6. Memories captured by photo should always be preserved in a study picture frame. And this red picture frame provides that while being very elegant.

  7. picture frames are a great gift idea as everyone needs them and loves them! these are great.

  8. I love how convenient the digital age has made taking and storing photos. BUT I love being able to have something tangible to hold onto and see it sitting on a dresser etc. A nice frame is great. Especially as a gift to a loved one.

  9. This is such a beautiful frame. The leather makes it look so elegant and luxurious. It seems very high quality as well.

  10. This leather frame looks fantastic perfect for gifting or a company promotional giveaway. You guys always have nice stuff!

  11. You’re definitely right that the photo frame needs to enhance the photo, not take away from it. It can definitely look ugly if the right frame isn’t chosen.

  12. It’s amazing what a good picture frame can do to a room. I really like these and to personalize what a special touch. Pictures really are the best.

  13. It is amazing how the world has changed when it comes to photos. I do remember as a child having loads of family albums but in the last 20 years things have changed so much that you need to specially print out the images you need and these frames will definitely come in handy.

  14. Omg a leather picture frame? I love it! That’s the perfect way to make any photo stand out! I love the red leather picture fame so pretty!

  15. It’s true that even in the digital world, our homes don’t look “home” without pictures of our families. The leather frames are so beautiful, definitely inspiring elegance.

  16. All of those frames are really beautiful. But if I was to choose one of them, the embossed leather frame just looks lovely. I have some pictures it would really look good with.

  17. I am a lover of gorgeous frames and these are especially nice with the leather and gorgeous colors available. They make the perfect gift and I love adding a new amazing picture for the recipient as well. Thank you and will have to head over and look around.

  18. I think these are awesome ways to display those perfect memories. I love the simple variety it brings. Definitely kicks the interest out of me.

  19. My friends call me oldie for keeping picture frames but I just love memory freezing like that. Those are lovely frames!

  20. These frames are so beautiful. They would make an excellent gift especially with a little engraving. I bet my mother would love the red one. I will have to keep it in mind for Mother’s day or her birthday.

  21. The leather frame is such a luxurious and unique choice. Would love to purchase one for myself as I still love developing photos rather than storing them on my hard drive 🙂

  22. I like keeping and saving memories, what better way to remember an occasion exactly as it was than in a photo. Thanks so much for sharing these lovely picture frames, these are a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their pictures clean and safe.Thanks so much for sharing.

  23. I love those leather frames! I don’t think I had ever though to make picture frames out of leather, but now that I see it, I’m thinking, duh!

  24. Such a nice picture frame. I love the pop of color with the red…would make an interesting table display or gallery wall!

  25. Leather frames are great no doubt. It taking care of them can be really a tough job. I love them but get upset when the rims lose color getting rubbed. Otherwise they are quite tasteful.

  26. I love the idea of having the frame engraved. That would be such a nice, sentimental gift for a special occasion.

  27. I love the variety of colors you offer. Black crocodile embossed design is unique and I have never seen like one before. Perfect gift option for any occasion.

  28. The crocodile frame is my favorite! I would most definitely put it in my office at work. They all look great and make great gifts too.

  29. I’m actually getting back into the habit of using picture frames due to nostalgic reasons. Most of my son’s pictures are in my phone or on my computer…it’s not the same as seeing his cute face hanging all over the house.

    1. That was a nice touch so I have to agree with you there. I need several of these frames for my growing photo collection.

  30. WOW, I have never seen a leather picture frame before! My mom would love this, because red is her favorite color! This would be a wonderful Mother’s Day gift!

  31. A personalised photo frame is such a lovely gift. I have a friend who is getting married soon, and I think this would be a lovely gift. Something you can treasure forever!

    I moved into my apartment a while back and still don’t have any photos up – this is a great reminder to change this soon 🙂

  32. I love a beautiful frame for our family pictures and displayed in our house. It is important to have an elegant frame to highlight the picture. Glad that you can also personalize it, I like to have the dates and occasion written down on the frame.

  33. I agree 100%, memories should be displayed not just put away in a book. I really like the quality of this picture frame; and you raised a great point that the role and benefit of frames is to protect the photo. I’m wondering …should I add photo archive paper to my frames?

  34. These frames are beyond gorgeous and they look so classy and elegant. They would be perfect for anniversary photos!

  35. I agree 100%, memories should be displayed not just put away in a book. I really like the quality of this picture frame; and you raised a great point that the role and benefit of frames is to protect the photo. I’m wondering …should add photo archive paper to my frames?

  36. I agree 100%, memories should be displayed not just put away in a book. I love the quality of these picture frames – and you raised a great point about the role and benefits that a frame has for the photo.

  37. I haven’t really seen leather picture frames before, I think it’s a very classy and unique gift idea. Being able to personalize with a name is a great feature, as well. The crocodile finish is so stylish!

  38. Those are such pretty frames! I think the crocodile textured frame is my favorite. I haven’t taken a family picture in years. I need to get on that!

  39. This looks like a pretty nice photo frame. A touch of leather made it more elegant. Certainly a must have indeed.

  40. This is perfect! I’ve been looking for a good quality picture frame. I am loving how the red and the crocodile frames look. I might have to go check them out.

  41. I’m obsessed with photos and frames. I will have to check these out, they’d go so well with Tyler’s decor in his teen cave.

  42. I totally agree that a good quality picture frame can definitely enhance the photo more and make it lovelier. I like the chocolate brown and it really looks so elegant.

  43. Leather photo frames look so elegant on desks or a display shelf. But, for displaying on the walls I prefer a leaner look with white narrow frames & wide mounting.
    – Nandita

  44. I love collecting photo frames. It might take me a while to finally hang them but, I love having them. This one is pretty!

  45. Truly classy frames – perfect for framing the most memorable moments. I would love to possess a few and also gift to my family and friends.

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