Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts

Finding the perfect gift for moms can be challenging! Wood Arts Universe has got the best and unique gifts for everyone on your list. These unique gifts can be personalized with a special message.

All our items have impressive designs that can be personalized with either their name, initials or a special message.  Recently we customized these classy mother day gifts for our clients. We offer free personalization on all the products.

Whether this is a gift for a working mom or a gift for a friend or coworker, Let Wood Arts Universe do the leg work by rounding up the perfect gift ideas for mothers. Here is another gift we customized for our client with a special message.

Moms love personalized gifts as they know you put a lot of thought and efforts into finding the perfect gift.

Please visit our website, you can choose the above gifts from this site and let us know your requirement for personalization.

202 thoughts on “Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts

  1. You have such great gift ideas. I’ve always loved them for the office crew and for branding. Never thought to use them for Mother’s Day gifts!

  2. Having a personalized gift for momsy is soo cool. Im sure any mom would be happy to recieve these gifts.

  3. A personalized thing or gift is so special and very awesome. It’s so appreciated so much. This is perfect for mothers day as a gift to our beloved mother. Happy mothers day to you sis anyway

  4. I love being able to personalize gifts and that means so much when someone in turn does it for me. Great gift idea. Thank you

  5. I’d love to have this kind of accessory for my mother’s desk at work. This just reminded me how near Mother’s Day is already! Gotta prep now! Yay!

  6. What wonderful gift ideas to tell you mother how much you love her. I especially love the personalization part.

  7. Can’t believe mother’s day is approaching real quick! It’s always difficult to find a gift when she almost has everything. I think classic as desk organizer is a good one though!

  8. Definitely cute ideas for Moms with desks. I like the personalizability of them. And, yet, business-oriented instead of a snow globe or something more feminine – speaks to a lot of women, I’m sure.

  9. Putting a personalization on a gift makes it so much more special. I know that I would love to get something like this!

  10. I love putting personal messages on as many of my gifts as I can. Especially when it comes to gifts for events such as Mother’s Day.

  11. I love when people add special messages to gifts. It makes it that much more special and memorable.

  12. Always looking for unique ideas and this is so great. Flowers are great, but they don’t last, so this is a great alternative.

  13. Amazing gifts for mother’s day. I love the desk organizer. I wish my son was big enough to gift me one. I like the idea of personalized gifts. They make you feel special

  14. This ideas looks so cool for working moms in the office. All personalized gifts are the sweetest thing for Mothers.

  15. This would be a great gift for mom. It’s nice to give something that is useful like this, and makes for a good way of getting organized.

  16. Awesome gift idea! I would definitely love to get my mom this for Mother’s day. Save me time searching elsewhere.

  17. Don’t think my mum will be into this as she is a very traditional person. She much prefers flowers and chocolate but maybe I’ll show her this year to see if she like it or not.

  18. Great ideas for moms, especially to all who like to stay organized. Personalization is also something that moms value a lot.

  19. Personalized gifts are always a great idea. They surely stand out on Mother’s Day but I would consider them on other occasions, too.

  20. It is more appreciated when something is personalized. It really makes the gift more special. These ideas are awesome.

  21. This is a great out of the box gift idea for Mother’s Day. Especially for professional moms. What’s even greater is that it can be customized for any special occasion.

  22. Whenever you give something personalized, it keeps a great memory to the receiver’s heart. All of the ideas are awesome. It helps thinking of another gift such easy.

  23. Mother’s Day is the most special day to me. My Mother is my most important person. Making a special gift for her is not only a must but also a deep desire.

  24. I really love that you offer free personalization on your products. Many stores or vendors make a big deal about personalizing products and even show how wonderful they look and then charge so much extra money to do it and that’s a turn off for me.

  25. I love the little sayings you added to the desk organizers. What a great way to turn them into something special for Mother’s Day.

  26. This is such a fab gift idea. My mom is a teacher. She will love it on her desk. Also yes, personalized gift add a lot of value to a gift.

  27. I love personalized gifts! I’m glad I see a lot of that on this site. I specially love this one and very useful.

  28. What a wonderful gift idea! I think a personalized item is always appreciated, but it’s truly special as a mother to have things my children have designed for me.

  29. Personalization makes each present better, more complete and thought of. I am always happy to give and get not only stationery but personalized stationery

  30. I love being organized and feeling appreciated at the same time, this provides both ; )
    great gift ideas for the woman of the household who bends over backwards for children.

  31. Personalized desk accessories are a great idea for your office, at home or at an outside job. Some of these my friend would love for her desk!

  32. This is so cool I would love to have something like this on my work and home office. I will show this to my husband so he will have an idea on what to give for me 🙂

  33. These are some perfect gift ideas for mothers day. My friend is looking for something like this. I am sharing this article with him

  34. Mother’s Day is over for my own mother – in Ireland its March. But I have it coming up here in Japan. My kids are too young to buy, they just make something, but I got my Mom a personalized two set of wine. She loved it. Personalized gifts are great. This is a great idea.

  35. Personalized gifts are my favorite thing aside from special gifts it is made of effort. these are really great options for mother’s day gifts! it looks so nice!

  36. I love the idea of personalized desk accessories. Some moms spend 8 hours a day at the desk. Everytime they see that little personalized accessory there is a warmth and feeling of love.

  37. Personalized gifts are very sweet thought. Since my Mom prefers minimalist touch, I am thinking of getting her a personalized tour package and spa package for her to enjoy for a long weekend.

  38. I love personalized gifts, especially for such special occasions like Mother’s Day. I bet my mum would enjoy getting such stylish accessories. 🙂

  39. whatever the girt is it is always a good idea to personalize it. it feels more special and unique, as if you pt more effort into it. and at least you did think prior

  40. Gifts are more special when it’s personalized. Putting bits of messages and pictures will do. These are great ideas.

  41. I would sooooooo love to have one of these for my desk, I think my boss would be jealous 🙂 So much more professional looking than the wire one that I use now.

  42. This is a cool idea. But kidding aside,I can’t give this to my Mom, she is Asian and prefers practical things. Maybe a kitchen shopping would be favorable 🙂

  43. There are so many fabulous options for gifts. I see things I could get for other gifts, not just Mother’s Day!

  44. I would definitely get this for a friend or my supervisor. My BFF just opened her own business and this would be great to personalize for her.

  45. There is no doubt that personalization makes a big difference and adds a special touch to a gift. I would give my mom the award for Best Mom Ever =)

  46. I need to get something really nice for my mom this year. I do every year, but this year I want to really let her know I appreciate all she’s done for me for so very long.

  47. Awesome gift idea! I would definitely love to get my mom this for Mother’s day. Save me time searching elsewhere.

  48. Awe I do like this a lot. I’m actually contemplating what to get both my mother and mother in law. I always appreciate how simple these designs are.

  49. These are most definitely all fabulous Mother’s Day Gift ideas and I love that they can be personalized as it does make anything extra special. I also had no idea the personalization is free! That is awesome 🙂

  50. Here in the Philippines, we celebrate Mother’s Day every second Sunday of the month of May. This is definitely a lovely gift idea for moms or grandmas on this special day.

  51. Here in the Philippines, we celebrate Mother’s Day every second Sunday of the month of May. These are definitely a lovely gift idea for moms or grandmas for that special day.

  52. Indeed, personalized gifts tend to be appreciated more because of the thought behind it. The pen stand and clock accessory would be a good gift.

  53. I really like these products because they are different. I wouldn’t mind getting the desk organized with double pen stand clock and thermometer for Mother’s Day!

  54. I love thinking outside of the box for mothers day! That first one, makes me laugh too, “besides chocolate, you’re my favorite” too funny!! motherhood always requires a lot of laughing, it definitely trumps crying!

  55. I always have such a hard time with coming up with a giftvfor my mom, but this looks perfect! And it is personalized which makes it that much more meaningful!

  56. I always have such a hard time with gifts for my mom, but this would be perfect! And it’s personalized which is so much more meaningful!!

  57. Such great ideas for Mother’s Day gifts. I love receiving personalized presents. It makes a gift extra special. Thanks for sharing these ideas for Mother’s Day.

  58. I love that you offer personalization. I think that’s what makes it the most special when it’s not just any item anyone could get.

  59. To be honest, sometimes is really hard for me to decide what to gift my momma. After all, they deserve the world right?! I usually give her beauty products or jewelry but this sounds like a great idea. I want to give her something different and a personalized gift sounds perfect. Thanks for the idea!


  60. These are some really great ideas for mothers day. My mom is starting another business and could use these for her desk!

  61. Everyone I know works in an office so this is great. Plus with dads and grads coming up, this is a great surprise gift!

  62. I love receiving and giving personalized gifts. I feel like it adds that extra special touch. This would make such a lovely gift!! I know many stay at home moms that also work in their home office.

  63. These are really sweet and beautiful ideas! I know as a mom myself I would treasure a gift like this from my little girl, a constant reminder of the love and appreciation.

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